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We consider it a privilege and a matter of great pride to host theInternational Summit on Pharma & Clinical Trials on June 12-13, 2017. The conference will provide a forum for interaction among attendees on Drugs and Developments in Pharma & Manufacturing, Different Phases of Clinical Trials and New Drug Regulatory Approvals. It will create an interface among professionals, academicians and experts in the fields of Pharma education and research and drug development.

The present efforts to hold the 2017 Innovate Pharma Conference in Sydney, Australia is based on our decision to involve more Australian Global academic faculty members, biopharma representatives and students in this mega event. The Sydney representatives in both industry and academia work with us to create a more interactive association in the fields of Pharma and new drug innovations, not only to promote better job opportunities in the field of Pharmacy and Drug research but also to make the biopharma industry stronger and financially secure.

The 2017 Innovate Pharma Conferences are a hub that covers the core aspects of pharmaceutical sciences including Pharmacology, Analytical and Bioanalytical Technology, Biosimilars, BABE Studies, Toxicology, Clinical Research, Clinical Pharmacology, Antibiotics, Forensic Research, Medicinal Chemistry & CADD, Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry & Natural Products, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, Novel Drug Delivery Systems, GMP, GCP & QC’

We cordially invite you to participate in the conference by presenting your work as either talks or posters based on the themes identified above. We hope that you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to interact with eminent scholars, researchers, practitioners and industry representatives from throughout the world whose focus is to develop new and effective drugs to improve world health.

Innovate Pharma 2017
Operating Committee
Innovate Conferences

About Innovate Pharma 2017

The Innovate Pharma 2017 team is the premier pharmaceutical conference event producer. At these pharma conference events, industry professionals are able to discuss the latest industry insights, explore new challenges in drug discovery, development and formulation and well as review case studies in order to understand how best to deal with specific situations. Additionally, Pharma2017 allows stakeholders to build their networks with other industry and academic professionals. The pharmaceutical sciences combine a broad range of scientific disciplines including Clinical Research, Pharmacovigilance, Drug Discovery, Drug Design, Drug Delivery, Drug Action, Drug Analysis, Pharmacoeconomics, and Regulatory Affairs. Pharmaceutical sciences are further subdivided into several specialties: Pharmacology, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmaceutical Toxicology, Pharmacogenomics, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmaceutics, and Pharmacognosy. The presentations at this conference are international in scope and include the latest in incident response and prevention, vulnerability analysis, and related aspects of Pharmaceutical science. Additionally, these events serve as the foundation for the improvement of worldwide collaborations and interactions via the sharing of viewpoints, ideas, and information on Pharmaceutical science.

Who Should Attend?

You do not need to be a member of Innovate Pharma 2017 to attend the conference. Individuals with responsibility for coordinating a wide range of disciplines in the field of Drug research, development and manufacturing should attend. Attendees will include:

  • Academicians, scientists, clinicians, researchers, surgeons.
  • Health practitioners, Pharmaceutical organizations, Clinical Research organizations
  • Associations and Societies sponsoring the meeting and looking for collaborative partners.
  • Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies (exhibiting).
  • Policy and decision makers with disciplines in the field of Pharmacy.
  • Pharma stakeholders including academic researchers and entrepreneurs , public health clinicians, industry policy makers, veterinarians.

Innovate conferences attract participants representing more than 53 countries around the world.

Innovate Executive Program:

If you are a young scientist who is interested in new drug development and wishes to exchange ideas with industry experts, the INNOVATE EXECUTIVE PROGRAM may well be the event for you. It is a 2 day event held in parallel to the conference, tailored around Pharma Drug Manufacturing and its advances. This program provides a unique opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and share the insights of the world's foremost specialists in Drug development and Clinical applications.

Conference Benefits:

The Innovate Pharma 2017 conference is comprised of scientific sessions, keynote forums, Exhibitions, workshops, symposia and poster presentations where the most recent developments in pharma will be discussed.

Conference Highlights

Global Market Analysis


The United States pharmaceutical market together with Canada & Mexico is the world’s important national market and largest continental pharmaceutical market worldwide which holds over 40 percent of the global pharmaceutical market.

The Stastical Results Shows the rapid growth of Pharma Market as follows

  • Over View of the Pharmaceutical Market Till 2015
  • Total nominal spending on medicines in the U.S. - $425bn
  • Pharmacy and drug store sales in the U.S. - $251.73bn
  • U.S. pharmaceutical preparation manufacturing gross output - $207,209m
  • U.S. biopharmaceutical goods export volume - $47bn
  • Revenue of the Pharmaceutical Companies till 2015
  • Pfizer's total revenue - $48,851m
  • Johnson & Johnson's total revenue - $70.1bn
  • Total revenue of Merck & Co.- $39,498m
  • Miscellaneous Values Till 2015 Statistic as Follows
  • Spending of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry for research and development as a percentage of total revenues - 19.8%
  • Number of orphan drug approvals in the U.S.- 24
  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical industry digital advertising spending in the U.S. - $1.93bn

Key Asset of the Pharmaceutical Industry to European Economy till 2015 in Euros

Production 225,000 in which the Exports 361,500 & Imports 275,000, the overall Trade balance 86,500. R&D expenditure 31,500, Normal Employment in units 725,000 and R&D employment units 118,000

Total pharmaceutical market value at ex–factory prices 192,000

pharmaceuticals Payments by statutory health insurance systems in ambulatory care 126,000

Pharmaceutical Market in Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific region is rapid growing pharmaceutical industry in global pharmaceutical arena. In facts, low operating costs and skilled manpower leads to rapid growth of pharmaceutical companies in Asia Pacific, which now becoming powerhouse of pharmaceutical Research & Development (R&D).

The future of the pharmaceutical industry in the asia pacific region will remains bright & grow around 10% during 2012-2015

Facts of pharmaceutical industry worldwide

  • Revenue of the worldwide pharmaceutical market $1072bn
  • Revenue share of the North American pharmaceutical market 48.7%
  • Pharmaceutical sales in oncologics $78.9bn
  • Statistic of the Companies and Products
  • Sales of Pfizer - $47.4bn
  • Net income of Johnson & Johnson - $15.94bn
  • Sales of Humira - $14.95bn
  • Novartis AG total revenue - $48.5bn
  • Over all outcome Values
  • Contribution to pharmaceutical market growth by Asia/Australia - 36%
  • North American projected global pharmaceutical revenue in 2016 - $574bn
  • Projected global spending on medicines by 2020 - $1,470bn

Global Clinical Trials Market

the USA Clinical Trials total number of studies carried out on 467 drug till 2013 & rapid increase during 2017, most of the trials carried out on Infectious, Genetic Cardiovascular Diseases, cancer, neurological, respiratory disorders, diabetes, Arthritis, & skin disorders and till 2012 children’s participated as subjects are 316. As for funding NIH gave 36.1% for all minorities and 63.9% for white, & in the ratio of 63.1% and 36.9% in male and female. Industry Funded Clinical Trials 16.7% for all minorities and 83.3% for white in the ratio of 47.6% and 52.4% in male and female till 2015

The EU Clinical Trials Register currently displays 29744 clinical trials with a EudraCT protocol, of which 4548 are clinical trials conducted with subjects less than 18 years old.

Asia Pacific is the Key factor for clinical trials in terms of cost, subject availability as well as laws will favor to perform the studies, compare to Europe and America there is a rapid growth in clinical studies as per analysis there is 28% carried out in 2009 – expected to raise to 66% share, Spending includes 23% - in 2009 – 59% till 2030, Clinical Research Organization Approvals raises to 38% as of 2017

Below are the statics given for Industrial funds in asia pacific to Europe (UK) & USA from 2011-2005

Australia 301 – 321 China 217 – 85 Hong Kong 56 – 79 India 154 – 97 Japan 369 – 132 Korea 375 – 113 Malaysia 40 – 51 Philippines 54 – 60 Singapore 76 – 84 Taiwan 141 – 131 Thailand 60 – 73 UK 632 – 502 USA 3,279 - 2,730

Global Pharmaceutical Associations:

    International Associations
  • FIP - International Pharmaceutical Federation
  • IPSF - International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation
    United States
  • AACP - American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
  • APhA - American Pharmacists Association
  • American Society for Pharmacy Law
  • ASCP - American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
  • American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Foundation
  • ASHP - American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
  • Professional Compounding Centers of America
  • ACCP - American College of Clinical Pharmacy
  • Canadian Pharmacists Association
  • Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists
  • Australian College of Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
  • The Pharmacy Guild of Australia
  • The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia
  • EPhEU - European Association of Employed Community Pharmacists in Europe
  • EPU - European Pharmaceutical Union
  • PGEU - Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union
    New Zealand
  • Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand
    United Kingdom
  • National Pharmacy Association
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland
  • RPD - Royal Pharmaceutical Society
  • Indian Pharmacist Association
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland

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Dr. Alireza Heidari, Ph.D., D.Sc.
Faculty of Chemistry
California South University (CSU)
Irvine, California, USA


AREAS OF INTEREST : Dr. A. Heidari, Ph.D., D.Sc. is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Chemistry. He has got his Ph.D. and D.Sc. degrees from California South University (CSU), Irvine, California, USA. Furthermore, he has double postdocs in Project Management and also in Nanochemistry and Molecular Structure Theory. His research interests are Biophysical Chemistry, Nanochemistry, Quantum Chemistry, Biomolecular and Vibrational Spectroscopy, Molecular Modeling and Structure, Theoretical, Computational and Mathematical Chemistry, Ab initio and Density Functional Methods. He has participated in more than fifty reputed international conferences, seminars, congresses, symposiums, and forums around the world as yet. Also, he possesses many published articles in Science Citation Index (SCI)/International Scientific Index (ISI) Journals. It should be noted that he has visited many universities or scientific and academic research institutes in different countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Russia, France, Swiss, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, South Korea, China, etc. as research fellow, sabbatical and volunteer researcher or visitor heretofore. He has a history of several years of teaching for college students and various disciplines and trends in different universities. Moreover, he has been a senior advisor in various industry and factories. He is expert in many computer programs and programming languages. Hitherto, he has authored more than ten books in Chemistry. Syne, he has been awarded more than two hundred reputed international awards, prizes, scholarships, and honors. Heretofore, he has multiple editorial duties in many reputed international journals. Hitherward, he is a member of more than one hundred reputed international academic–scientific–research institutes around the world.

RESEARCH INTEREST : Biophysical Chemistry; Biomolecular Spectroscopy; Quantum Chemistry; Nanochemistry; Theoretical Chemistry; Mathematical Chemistry; Computational Chemistry; Vibrational Spectroscopy; Molecular Modelling; Ab initio & Density Functional Methods; Molecular Structure.

Dr. Joe X Zhou,
CEO of Genor BioPharma Co. Ltd.,
Walvax Group. China


AREAS OF INTEREST : Previously, Dr. Zhou was Scientific Director at Amgen, Thousand Oaks, USA. His over 20-years experience of process development, multiple project management capacity in cGMP and non-GMP reproducible purification/production of protein/antibody therapeutics from FIH to CPD with depth knowledge of CHO clone selection, cell culture optimization, real-time analytical assays, formulation and product specification for drug substances and drug products made Dr. Zhou many times as Project Process Team Leader/Project Team Leader/Cross Functional Core Investigation Teams Leaders at Amgen in the past.

Prof. Esmaiel Jabbari,
Professor of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering,
Academic Editor: PLOS ONE,
University of South Carolina.


AREAS OF INTEREST : Bioinspired materials, Skeletal tissue engineering, Multi‐scale composite materials, Self‐assembled nanogels for growth factor delivery, Drug targeting to cancer stem cells, Stem cell encapsulation and delivery, Model gels to control cell microenvironment

EDUCATION : Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Purdue University, May 1993. M.S. in Chemistry, Virginia Tech, May 1989. M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech, December 1986. B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech, May 1982.

HONORS AND AWARDS : 2013 Grand Prize Winner, Inaugural INVENT EVENT: A USC Invention Competition, “Cortical‐Bone‐Like Microtubular Laminated Composite,” Capstone Campus Room, Capstone House, Friday, May 3, 2013 (6:30 – 9:30 PM). 2103 Election to College of Fellows of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) 2012 Berton Rahn Prize Award in Orthopedic Research, AO Foundation, Davos, Switzerland 2010 Who’s Who in America 2008 Stephen B. Milam Research Award, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Foundation 2006 Membership in Honorary Engineering Society Tau Beta Pi 2006 Membership in Who’s Who in Engineering Education 1993 Membership in New York Academy of Sciences 1992 Adhesion Society Research Award 1989 Outstanding College Students of America 1989 Membership in the Honorary Chemistry Society Phi Lambda Epsilon 1988 Membership in the Honorary Operations Research Society Omega Rho 1988 Membership in the Honorary Research Society Sigma Xi.

1/2015 – Present: Univ. South Carolina Full Professor of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
7/2009 – Present: Univ. South Carolina Tenured Associate Professor
9/2007 – Present: Univ. South Carolina Adjunct Professor of Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Pascal Breton, Ph.D,
Président of VitamFero SAS,
University of Orléans (France).


Dr. Pascal Breton, Ph.D. serves as Chief Executive Officer of VitamFero S.A. and has been its President since January 2009. His Interest in various fields includes Biotechnology, R&D, Business Development, Drug Development, Pharma/Clinical Development, Drug Discovery and Formulation and Vaccines. Before founding and heading VitamFero, Dr. Pascal Breton worked as Global Key Account Manager Biotech at SGS Life Science Services (Belgium), Director Business Development at IDM Pharma (France and USA), Director R&D at Halisol (France) and Project Leader at UPSA (a French BMS subsidiary).

Dr. Pascal Breton holds a Ph.D. from University of Orléans (France) in 1989.

Prof Namrita Lall
NRF/DST Chair: Plant health Products from IKS
University of Pretoria
South Africa


Prof. Namrita Lall has completed his Ph.D from the University of Pretoria and was a visiting scientist at the University of Illinois, Chicago and Kings College London. She has published more than 100 papers in peer reviewed journals. She is also the co-inventor of 12 national and international patents. She has been in the top 1% of the global Essential Science Indicators list of influential academics who write about pharmacology and toxicology. Earlier this year, she received the Order of Mapungubwe - South Africa’s highest honour - from Honourable South African President, Jacob Zuma, in recognition of her research. She was also a finalist in the 2014 National Science and Technology Forum Award in the category that recognises the outstanding contributions of researchers over the past 10 years.

South African plants and skin cancer

Kamali Chance,
MPH, Ph.D., RAC,
Vice President, Head, Global Biosimilars Regulatory Strategy,
Biosimilars Center of Excellence, QuintilesIMS, Inc, RTP, North Carolina.


Dr. Kamali Chance is a Vice President and Head, Global Biosimilars Regulatory Strategy, Biosimilars Center of Excellence. She has over 25 years of work experience in the healthcare industry, including the last 18 years in regulatory affairs/regulatory strategy. Dr. Chance has extensive experience working with the FDA and EMA. She advises pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the development of region specific and/or global regulatory strategy for the development of biosimilar products. Dr. Chance has authored/co-authored number of articles on the development of biosimilars. She has a PhD in Nutrition/Nutritional Biochemistry, Masters of Public Health and Regulatory Affairs Certification.

FDA/EMA Current Thinking on Totality of Evidence for Development of Biosimilars.

Serge Calet,
CEO & Founder at IMD-Pharma,
IMD-Pharma, SC2S, Holochem,


Serge Calet is the CEO & Founder of IMD-Pharma - Drug Development of Immuno-Modulating Dendrimers as New therapeutic strategies for chronic inflammatory diseases: Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).
Professional expertise
- Consultancy and Expert Witness in CMC.
- Starting soon a new CRO/CMO dedicated to CMC Business.
- Introducing the Best Contractor Selection Tools.
- Remember that TIME is Money. Advice to a Young Tradesman written by an old One (21 July 1748) Benjamin Franklin.
- Position paper conception and accompanying change recommendations.
- Conception, set-up and follow-up of reporting tools and key performance indicators.
- Management of international teams (500 people/9 locations/4 countries, France, US, Germany, Hungary).
- Follow-up of changes in Chemical Development.
- Excellent knowledge of regulatory affairs and QA in Pharmaceutical R & D.
- Ability to conduct a technological, strategic and competitive intelligence survey in Pharmaceutical R & D area.
- Excellent knowledge of the market players (Pluridisciplinary and networking business).
- Specialties: Business Development, Scientific Information, Competitive Intelligence, Technology Transfer, Planning, Budget (Headcount/CAPEX), Outsourcing.
Serge Calet started his carrier as Research and Teaching associate at University of Ottawa later he became Head of R & D laboratory followed by Deputy of the Chemical Information Department then became Head of planning/finance/headcount (Chemical Development Global Direction) Sanofi Chimie (Sanofi-Aventis Group) Then Serge Calet took his carrier to Business Development Manager at BoroChem then after worked in various fields International Business Development Manager & Independent Freelance Business Development Manager at GalChimia, S.A. and also Scientific & Regulatory Expert Consultant in Preclinical Development at CHU de Toulouse as well as Independent Freelance Agent - Athena DDS & Independent Freelance Business Development Manager at Holodiag.


Dr. Chien-Chin Wu,
CEO - LB Bionano, LLC in USA and LG Bionano (Xiamen) Company LTD,


Dr. Wu is an inventor, pharmaceutical executive and biomedical entrepreneur and present CEO LB Bionano, LLC in USA and LG Bionano (Xiamen) Company, LTD in China.
1997 Wu is the Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Luitpoid Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Shirley, New York, USA.
1994 Wu is the Associate Director of R&D at Dupont Merck Pharmaceutical Company, Wilmington, Delaware, USA.
1985 Wu is the Group Leader at Wyeth - Ayerst Laboratory, Rouses Point, New York, USA.

Company: LG Bionano LLC is a company registered in the United States. The company also has fully-equipped development lab and pilot lab in China to provide necessary support for fast-growing health care market in Asia. The company is specialized in the development of bionano platform technology to enhance the bioavailability of bioactive materials and to develop novel nano drug delivery system to achieve faster and stronger efficacy. The company goal is to fulfill the un-met medical need and to develop a superior biomedical product when compared with current leading market product.
We have successfully developed novel “encapsulated metal ion nanoclusters” and “phase-reversible nanoemulsion” technologies to work on in-organic as well as organic bioactive materials. Both are proprietary technology and the worldwide patent registrations are in process. The patents of metal ion nanoclusters have received patent approval in USA, New Zealnad and Taiwan. We have also validated the high efficacy of our bionano technology and products. Our current bionano specialty products are in iron deficiency treatment and skin care areas.

Dr. Chin Wu completed his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutics at Ohio State University, College of Pharmacy, USA in July 1981.

Nanotechnology in Biomedical Applications.

Dr. Mohammed Hmamouchi,
Arab Federation of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants,


Mohammed Hmamouchi has obtained a Ph.D in phyto chemistry from Laval University in Canada (1986). After his graduation he gets research and teaching positions in Morocco, French, Canada. He has over 36 years of professional experience as a teacher & project manager at national & international level ( design, preperation, implementation, administrative, financial management, monitering, eveluation, welth management, and the planning of the work). He managed several research projects, contracts ans cooperation aggrements. He has worked with many international institutions in companies over 30 countries. He is the member of several professional bodies and have many grants and awards. In 2013 he became Advisor to the minister to the higher teacher education, scientific research. He has published more than 120 papersin reputed journals, 5 books and 4 patents. He is the chief editor of the International Journal of Medical and Aromatic Plants that created it in 2015

Ian Martins (PhD),
Centre of Excellence for Alzheimer's Disease Research and Care,
School of Medical Sciences,
Edith Cowan University.


Dr. Ian Martins has been invited to join the Editors of the Annals of Obesity and Disorders/International Journal of Diabetes/ International Journal of Advances in Biology/ Research and Reveiws: Neuroscience and as a reviewer board member of the Journal of Food Research and Annals of Neurodegenerative Disorders for the year 2016. Dr Ian Martins is a reviewer for various journals and was appointed is the Chief Editor for Scientific and Academic Publishing (2016). ResearchGate’s analysis available on under Ian James Martins’ name places Dr Martins’ publication stats RG score higher than 96% of the international researchers with and H-index of 20 with 83 full text publications. Dr Martins completed his Ph D in 1987 and is a Fellow Edith Cowan University/Honorary Fellow (University Western Australia). Prevention of over eating by food restriction improves liver lipid metabolism and nature of fat consumed is important to improving health. Contribution to biology is the peripheral sink abeta hypothesis and its relevance to organ suicide, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Dr Martins has received certificates of recognition at various international world congress and conventions in relation to anti-aging, health and disease. Keynote address at Pharmacology and Ethnopharmacology 2016 has been completed with relevance to the current global epidemic on chronic diseases.

Links between Drug Metabolism and Insulin Resistance in Global Communities.

Dr. James (Jianguo) Yang,
Vice President of Abpro,
CEO of Abpro, China.


Dr, Jianguo (James) Yang has over 20-year biopharma industry experience (Biologics RD to Manufacturing). Currently, Dr. Yang is CEO at Abpro-China and VP at Abpro-US. Before joining Abpro, Dr. Yang was CSO / VP in Qilu Pharmaceuticals, and had scientific leadership positions in several global 500 pharmaceutical companies, including in Abbott Lab (current Abbiev), MedImmune and Astrozeneca, Genzyme and Sanofi in US. He published numnerious patents and papers, and is an editor advisor and reiewer for Bioprocess International (Joural), and Executive Director, Sino-America Pharmaceutical Association-NE (2012-2014), and reviewer for scientific journals. As international recognizd scientist, he is a frequestly-invited speaker for international conferences. He got his Ph.D. in cell/molecular biology from IlIinois Institute of Technology, USA.

Fast road map from RD to clinic trials.

Dr. Pierre Lutgen,


Dr. Pierre Lutgen
He was born 1940 in Luxembourg, studied at the University of Louvain in Belgium and obtained diplomas in chemistry, social sciences and philosophy. He worked during 25 years for the Dupont Cy, in research, and during 8 years in the steel industry, mainly in the environmental field. Since his retirement he worked as consultant for health and environment as invited professor at the University in Medellin and for the European Communities in several countries. Over the last ten years he has organized the association IFBV-BELHERB studying and fighting tropical diseases with some 30 academic and medical partners in Africa, South America and Europe. Numerous peer reviewed papers have been published by this team, mainly on herbal medicine.

Artemisia plants: a deadly weapon against tropical diseases.

Stefania Migliuolo,
HBA Europe chapter- Marketing & PR Director,
Milan Area, Italy.


Stefania Migliuolo is Multilingual and multicultural leader, with over 20 years experience in healthcare and life science market, across Pharmaceutical Industries and Healthcare Communications agencies in national and international networks.
Paediatrician - 7 years experience as a Pediatrician with a focus in oncology, solid tumours.
Medical Communication - Expertise is founded on medical background and profound knowledge of Pharmaceutical industries from communication, marketing, medical to regulatory and related targets as Healthcare professionals, Institutions, stakeholders and patient groups.
Medical Marketing - Experienced in Healthcare Marketing, Medical Education, Patient oriented programs to create and deliver integrated communications projects, across all target audiences and touch points.
Leadership - Talented in developing team and project leadership to build collaborative long-term relationships with companies and target communities like Scientific Societies, Key Opinion Leaders or Patients groups.
International experience. Leader in multinational projects for global pharmaceutical brands. Start Up builder - Founder at Alecrìa, in 2012 a Healthcare and life science communications firm. More than an agency, a real partner for business.
Volunteer - Healthcare Businesswomen Association as Marketing and PR director for Europe chapter.
Europa Donna Italia as responsable for medical and scientical communication

David (W) Vincent,
Validation Technologies, Inc. CEO,
VTI Pharmaceutical Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd,
California Coast University,


Dr. Vincent has over thirty-one (32) years’ experience in the life science industry specializing in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device industries. Dr. Vincent has degrees in industrial microbiology and mechanical engineering. He has over (27) twenty-seven years dedicated to the field of commissioning and qualification. He has expertise in many areas of Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Validation Engineering including; regulatory submission preparation, Design Review, Construction Qualification, Project Management, Utility and Process Equipment Qualification implementation. He is especially strong in the areas of Process Development and Validation as well as developing and implementing Environmental Monitoring and Cleaning Validation Programs.

Dr. Vincent has spent the last twenty (20) years providing validation and quality consultant services to various companies. During this time, Mr. Vincent has provided both project management and project execution for numerous clients national and international. He is responsible for managing and supporting many different product launches and licensing. He is the Quality Assurance Coordinator for Validation Technologies, Inc. and is responsible for implementing and maintaining VTI’s Internal Quality Programs, ISO certification and corporate training. He teaches at San Diego State University (SDSU) for their Masters of Regulatory Affairs Degree program in the Field of Validation Technology RA-776.

Dr, Vincent is responsible for supporting the regulatory submission and licensing (FDA, EU, WHO) of many facilities both nationally and internationally.

He has written many articles and presented national and international on the topics of validation and quality systems.

In 2006 because of his year’s service in the life science industry he was awarded the businessman of the year for the state of California and the recognition of outstanding meritorious services by the NRCC

He is also the co-founder and CEO for Validation Technologies, Inc. USA, VTI Global Regulatory Consultants and VTI Pharmaceutical Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.

Joe Martinez,
Chief Executive Officer at Center Point Clinical Services LLC,
Greater New York City Area.


Joe Martinez worked as Senior Managed Care Liaison/Medical Affairs at Amylin Pharmaceuticals from 2005-2011, National Field Director, HEOR at Optimer Pharmaceuticals from 2011-2012, later Director, Medical Affairs at Valeritas, Inc.& became Senior Director, Medical Affairs & Current Chief Executive Officer of Center Point Clinical Services LLC As CEO, reporting to the Board of Directors with overall responsibility for Strategic & Operational Planning, New Business Strategy & Tactical Execution, P&L Management & Financial Operations, International Sales & Marketing Strategies, Service/Technology Introduction & Launches, Market Analysis & Strategic Market Planning, Acquisitions, Mergers & Divestitures, Emerging Technologies & Innovations, Investor & Banking Relations - Center Point Clinical Services provides clinically trained registered pharmacist (CTRP) services during phase 2 to 4 trials and GRAS/Nutraceutical studies that increases patient compliance and supports increased patient retention, satisfaction and achievement of primary endpoints. In addition, enhanced services will include optimization of clinical data and datasets to address information needs in health outcomes, market access and value-messaging for decision-maker support.
Value to the sponsor is maximized in a very cost-effective program leading to faster trial completion with higher quality patient data and potentially shorter time to market and better market access for the drug, device or procedure.
Results-driven Senior Executive with an award-winning track record of documented achievement and measurable performance in diverse business areas, including: Business Operations, Clinical Operations, Medical Affairs, Field-based Medical Liaisons, Medical Publications, Industry Standard Quality Measures (HEDIS, STARS, URAC), Medicaid, Managed Markets Access, Healthcare Reform and Health Economic Outcomes (HEOR).
Described as a creative problem-solver who excels at: strategy, tactical planning, change management, leadership, operations, budgeting, leveraging resources and cross-functional collaboration. A performance-oriented, global thinker recognized for building highly productive teams that continuously exceeds goals and expectations.
Extensive experience and expertise building and leading successful organizations in Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Medical Devices.

Pierre A. MORGON PharmD LL.M MBA,
CEO MRGN Advisors - NED Theradiag, Eurocine Vaccines - Regional Partner Mérieux Développement – 20'500+ Level 1,


TITLE OF SPEECH Clinical Development of Vaccines, and the Path to Market for Prevention Solutions
Pierre A. MORGON Chief Executive Officer of MRGN Advisors and Regional Partner for Switzerland at Mérieux Développement. I'm also Non-Executive Director to the Board of Theradiag, a company focusing on in vitro diagnostics in auto-immunity, infectious diseases and allergy, as well as Non-Executive Director to the Board of Eurocine Vaccines, a company dedicated to developing nasal vaccines.
Pierre A. MORGON hold a Doctorate of Pharmacy from Lyon University, France, a Master in Business Law from the Lyon Law School and a MBA from ESSEC, France. I'm also an alumnus of INSEAD, IMD and MCE executive programs.
Pierre A. MORGON have over 29 years of experience in the global pharmaceutical and biological industry and in healthcare IT, both at the helm of operations (from business unit head to general manager and CEO) and in marketing and commercial positions (from product marketing at country level to global marketing strategy). Through these local and global positions, I have acquired direct experience with blockbuster products in diverse markets (primary care, specialty care, hospital, vaccines, and biotechnology), geographies (US, Europe, Japan, China, India, Emerging Markets) and organizations
Pierre A. MORGON have spent 2 years at ICI-Pharma, followed by 8 years at Synthelabo, then a division of L’Oreal.
Pierre A. MORGON joined Aventis Pasteur in 1998, then I had diversified experiences in operations at Yamanouchi Pharma, BMS, Drug Abuse Sciences, Schering-Plough, Bio Alliance PharmaSanofi Pasteur, Cegedim and AJ Biologics.

Ahmed Salah,
Chief Executive Officer,
Royal Pharmaceutical LLC Dubai,
United Arab Emirates.


A highly accomplished, commercially focused & widely respected CEO with extensive international experience and an outstanding record of achieving increased revenue and sustainable profit growth for prestigious multinational organizations across the global Pharmaceutical sector throughout the last 20 years. Renowned as an astute analyst, strategic thinker and creative problem solver; with the ability to focus on the detail and distil complex challenges into tangible, quantifiable execution strategies which consistently deliver the business objectives. Understands the significance of establishing relationships of trust and transparency to engage multiple key stakeholders and thus support organization-wide business transformation. A credible and dynamic leader of multi-organisation, multi-disciplinary, and multi-country teams and people; offering a unique and potent set of skills and experience to organisations looking for a balanced mix of revenue growth, market penetration, business transformation leadership combining strategic development with operational execution. Three-time winner of the Pharma CEO Award for Innovation and Excellence.

Howe (Hao) Li,
Chief Medical Officer at Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co., Ltd,


Howe (Hao) Li is the present CEO Tigermed-IntelliPV Co. Ltd is a subsidiary company of Tigermed Ltd,( which is the largest CRO in China. Tigermed-IntelliPV Co. Ltd (TIPV) is a specialized Contract Research Organization (CRO) to provide Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services to pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. TIPV delivers global standard and comprehensive KPO services through a robust US/China business operation model in areas of pharmacovigilance/drug safety to global and local clients with cost-optimized solution.
Our mission is to be a strategic partner for global pharmaceutical, life science as well as CRO companies to extend your resources and to offer high quality service with competitive cost saving. Our value is to provide a customer focused system of people, process and technology, working together to: 1) Improve Process Time Management; 2) Decrease Costs; 3) Maintain High Quality; 4) Ensure Regulatory Compliance; 5) Extend Flexible Resource; and 6) Build up a Solid Partnership.
Howe (Hao) Li is also CEO HQ Safety International LLC.
Howe (Hao) Li previous work experience include Senior Director at Global Safety at Amylin Pharmaceuticals; BMS - Medical Director at GPVE; Director of Global Pharmacovigilance at Sanofi Pasteur; worked as Safety Physician in Abbott Laboratories and his work experience started at Quintiles as Medical Safety Scientist.

Prof. Jomel B. Vasquez,
Professor / Clinical Coordinator,
De La Salle University Health Sciences Institute - College of Medical Laboratory Science,


Pharmacology Lecturer - Far Eastern University - Manila Department Of Medical Technology Pharmacology Lecturer - University of Perpetual Help System DALTA Department of Medical Technology Young Investigator Awardee - International Seminar on Interdiscipilanry Approaches to Biological Sciences - By Society for Biological Applications Nepal and Central Biotechnology Department of Tribhuwan University.

The emergence of multidrug resistance microorganisms as a global threat and the importance of antimicrobial drug discovery

Zohra Jane Esperal,
Clinical Trial Manager, Epidemiologist & Trainer,
Drive MySearch Inc,


'Love for research' --- This led me to study and finish a degree in Masters of Science in Epidemiology (Public Health) and grow in the field of clinical research honing my skills in on-site monitoring for 4 years and venturing into clinical trial management for 2 years.
'Passion for training' --- This is an unexpected discovery after working for 6 years in a company training the clinical team both local and international.
'Research can be made fun and life-changing' --- I formed this principle throughout my career. Thus, it inspired me to co-found a simple company with the aim of helping my fellow researchers rediscover the fun and value of every research endeavor.
Zohra Jane Esperal is President & CEO of a startup company, Clinical and Public Health Researcher & Trainer at Drive MySearch Inc. and previously worked as Associate Clinical Trial Manager at GSK as well as Clinical Reasearch Associate & Associate Clinical Trial Manager at Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics.

GCP and Clinical Trials Overview.

Brian Kim,
CEO at Biohaus,


Brian Kim Started carrier as Director of Global Biotech Compliance and Validation Pfizer (Former Pharmacia) then worked as VP of Quality and Compliance at Tanox (currently Genentech) followed by Senior VP, Global Quality Operation at Celltrion Inc.
Brian Kim is the CEO at Biohaus - A professional with extensive experience in Quality Management, (Bio)pharma regulations, GMP compliance, regulatoty affairs, and R&D; an industrious problem solver with strong leadership, interpersonal, technical, communication, and management skills.
Over 20 years of pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical experience at global firms in the US and Korea Efficient and Effective Quality System development and management wtih proved track records Comprehensive understanding and practice of overall pharma business including R&D and Business development Knowledge-based, value oriented creative leadership Launch of a new business in nutraceuticals (functional health RTD produts and innovative ingrediets) and biopharmaceuticals Successful R&D and marketing of a new wave highly functional health beverage through major distribution channels R&D of various new health supplement ingredients to meet modern consumers' needs R&D of "First-in Class" and "Best-in Class" medical unmet need biopharmaceutical products

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Mercure Sydney International Airport,

22 Levey Street, 2205 Wolli Creek,

Sydney, Australia.

Hotel Features:

  • Shuttle bus service to Sydney Airport – via the domestic and international terminals
  • Secure parking (maximum cost of $25 per day)
  • 24-hour reception
  • 100% non-smoking accommodation
  • Express checkout
  • Wi-Fi Internet access (free for all Le Club Accor Hotels Loyalty members)
  • Wake-up call service
  • Mercure Pillow Menu
  • Dry cleaning and same day laundry service
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • 24-hour in-room dining
  • Go-Get Car share with two vehicles onsite
  • Seasons Restaurant & Bar

Sydney, capital of New South Wales and one of Australia's largest cities, is best known for its harbourfront Sydney Opera House, with a distinctive sail-like design. Massive Darling Harbour and the smaller Circular Quay port are hubs of waterside life, with the arched Harbour Bridge and esteemed Royal Botanic Garden nearby. Sydney Tower’s outdoor platform, the Skywalk, offers 360-degree views of the city and suburbs.

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Refunds will be done within 30 days from the day of registration: Eligible for 70% of payment Refund

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